Thank You

Thank You for Visiting

Volunteer1If I learned anything from my first election, it was that running a political campaign is a lot of work!  Meeting with people one on one or in group presentations, requires a lot of planning and preparation that one person cannot do effectively by his or herself.

To run a successful campaign, a candidate needs the help of like minded volunteers who are willing to contribute time and energy to critical activities such as placing yard signs, distributing bumper stickers, serving at fundraising events, providing transportation, addressing envelopes and even participating in media advertising, in support of the candidate. .

I doubt that I would have won any of my past elections if God hadn’t blessed me with the wonderful volunteers who stepped up to help me get our message out. They worked hard  helping me reach the voters and encouraging them to vote.

There are many ways you can help using your God- given talents, regardless of your time constraints. Some volunteers are available to invest only 2 or 3 hours, one time throughout the entire campaign cycle and yet have helped make the difference between winning and losing. We would be delighted if you would join us in our campaign to promote conservative values in North Carolina!

If you are interested in helping our campaign, or just have questions, please contact us. Even if you have never worked on a campaign before, your help will be greatly appreciated!

If you would like to help but do not have the time, please consider a financial donation to the campaign. All proceeds we receive are dedicated to winning the race. See our “Contribute “ page to learn how to make a donation through our secure account.

Thank you, very much!