It is a disappointing fact that many voters do not invest the time that you have to get to know the candidates.  I truly need your help to reach them with our message of conservative values, less government intervention and lower taxation. Please, help this campaign be successful by joining the campaign committee as a volunteer on the contact page or by making a financial donation on this secure page. I encourage you to take a more active role in securing a brighter, more promising future for yourself, your children and generations to come, by joining our campaign. Learn how you can be invaluable as a volunteer with as little as a 2 hour investment working at a voting site, making a few phone calls, helping serve at a fundraiser or by just placing a sign in your yard.

If you are unable to volunteer time then please consider making a financial contribution. Any amount that you can donate will be used to reach voters by direct mail, cable and radio advertising and informational literature. All contributions and expenditures of my campaign are a matter of public record and available on-line for your review.     

Please encourage all of your family members, friends and co-workers to visit here, as well. Any way that you can help further the cause will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for helping!

Harry Warren

If contributing by check, please mail to: 
Harry Warren for N.C. 76
P.O. Box 2521
Salisbury, NC