National Security and Defense

              There are three primary areas of concern in regards to our declining ability to defend ourselves and to protect our allies. The Obama Administration has done much to reduce the size of our military. Outdated ordinance and declining armed forces hamper our ability to respond quickly and forcefully to military crisis around the world. Our allies no longer trust us to be there for them and our enemies no longer fear us.

I fully support and will work for legislative solutions that will

  • Rebuild and modernize our military strength
  • Resolve our Immigration, Guest Worker and Refugee Policies
  • Firmly secure our southern Border with Mexico;  
  • Increase our Canadian border surveillance.


Economic Stability

                    Our ability to remain an independent superpower depends on our financial freedom as much as our military strength. At $19 trillion dollars and growing, we are out of control and in a state of financial insecurity. Our national debt is now surpassing 105% of our GDP. This is unconscionable, unsustainable and must be stopped.

                     Fiscal austerity is not just prudent, but at this point, required. Reductions in our government bureaucracy are imperative. Consolidation of departments, elimination of duplicate services and discontinuing outdated and unnecessary commissions and agencies would be a starting point.

                     Entitlement and benefit programs have expanded from their original responsibilities to become financial liabilities that we cannot continue to subsidize. Social Security is expected to be completely unfunded by 2029 and despite the undeniable mathematics that attest to it, the issue is left unresolved. Seniors and so-to be seniors who are and will be dependent upon their repayments, are in danger of losing everything they have contributed into the system. It must be resolved with a sustainable solution that includes a reoccurring revenue stream for current recipients and provide new entrants into the workforce with retirement and investment options that they control and guarantee a return.

                       Whether by legislation or self discipline, operating on a balanced budget is required. REAL reductions in spending must be planned for and implemented until we are at a point that we can operate the government’s core responsibilities within our means.

                       As our Congressman, I will work for and support legislation that will

  • Develop a plan to eliminate our $19 Trillion national debt, just as I help draft the plan that repaid NC’s $2,85 billion debt to the federal government 5 years ahead of schedule and now has a $1.1 billion surplus.
  • Stabilize and enable Social Security solvency through a reform program that included citizen controlled investment options with a guaranteed return.
  • Require a Balanced Budget each year, just as we have done in North Carolina and like you and I must do.


 Restraint  of Government Overreach

             Over the decades, the federal government has taken on an ever increasing role in areas where it’s authority to do so is questionable, and in some cases, perhaps, unconstitutional. Unchecked power and unquestioned advances by any government is a threat to individual rights and freedoms. As our Congressman, I will work diligently to restrain the federal government from overreach in areas either reserved for the states or where federal policy would create lesser results than local control. I am not supportive of national healthcare mandates or education policies that seek to override the practicality of local or regional state programs and policies. I would object to any infringement upon our constitutional rights in all areas, including


  • Education ( Common Core )
  • Healthcare (Affordable Care Act –Obamacare)
  • Constitutional Rights -particularly our 1st, 2nd and 10th amendments rights.
  • Over –bearing regulatory mandates -environmental, energy and commerce.


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